Electrify Your Journey

Beyond driving – Experience the gold standard of electric off-road recreational vehicles with our electric golf carts, UTVs, go-karts, and e-bikes.

Kandi: Electric Golf Carts, EVs, Go Karts and Bikes

Electric Golf Carts

2 Passenger

Navigate your surroundings with the nimbleness of our 2-passenger electric golf carts. Designed for convenience and short leisurely rides.

4 Passenger

Dive into our 4-seater golf cart range. Perfectly crafted for family outings or group adventures.

6 Passenger

Discover the luxury of our 6-seater golf cart lineup. Tailored for larger groups and grand adventures

Off Road Go Karts


Discover the thrill of the GK200M off-road go-kart.
  • 9.5 HP engine for unmatched power
  • 9-inch clearance & AT tires for rough terrains
  • Dual A-Arm suspension for stability
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Experience the agility of the GK125M off-road go-kart.
  • The presence of AT (All-Terrain) tires
  • Front Suspension of Independent Dual A-Arm
  • Rear Suspension of Swing Arm
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Dive into adventure with the GK200A off-road go-kart.
  • Powerful 9.5 HP engine for thrilling rides
  • 9-inch clearance & AT tires for rugged landscapes
  • Dual A-Arm suspension ensures unparalleled stability
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Electric Vehicles

Cowboy e10K

Experience Kandi’s Cowboy e10K, a top-tier neighborhood electric vehicle.
  • 60-mile range for limitless adventure
  • 10,000-watt dual motors for peak power
  • 10-inch touchscreen & backup camera for modern luxury
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Experience the innovation of the Lucky T9 SuperCool Electric Buggy.
  • Powerful 21,000-watt AC motor ensures exhilarating performance
  • Enjoy extended adventures with a 40-mile single-charge range
  • Tackle challenges with 11.8 inches of ground clearance for seamless off-roading
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Mini Bike

Trail King e500

Dive into adrenaline-packed adventures with the Trail King e500 Electric mini Bike.
  • Raw power with a 48V brushless motor reaching speeds up to 15 MPH
  • Lightweight design (77 lbs) for exceptional agility on trails
  • Dual hydraulic fork and spring coil-overs ensure a smooth and controlled ride
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Trail King e1500

Experience unbridled thrills with the Trail King e1500 Electric mini Bike.
  • Mighty 60V motor unleashes 1500 watts for speeds up to 25 MPH
  • Advanced dual hydraulic forks and spring coil-overs for seamless terrain handling
  • Sleek design weighing just 141 lbs ensures agility and peak performance
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Conquer any terrain with the Trail King MT750 Electric Bike.
  • 500W motor hits 32 KPH with pedaling
  • 30-50 mile range on a robust 52V battery
  • Advanced dual suspension for smooth rides
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Why Go Electric With Kandi?

Embark on a journey towards a sustainable, efficient, and thrilling transportation experience with Kandi. Here’s why:


Our electric vehicles (EVs) champion zero emissions, ensuring cleaner air and a brighter future for our planet.


Dive into unmatched performance, safety, and efficiency with our cutting-edge innovation.

Affordable Luxury

Dive into the world of high-end electric vehicles without breaking the bank.


At Kandi, we’re more than electric vehicles; we’re shaping a greener, sustainable future. Partner with us and drive change.

Why Partner with Kandi?

  • Deliver a unique blend of style, performance, and eco-consciousness
  • Comprehensive training, resources, and dedicated assistance.
  • Exclusive dealer pricing and promotions for maximized gains.
  • Elevate your dealership’s stature by associating with the Kandi legacy.