Kandi Canada – Pioneering Affordable Electric Vehicles

Introducing Kandi Canada

Welcome to Kandi Canada, the U.S. subsidiary of Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, we are revolutionizing the market with our diverse range of electric off-road recreational vehicles, including the Kandi Golf Cart, Kandi UTV, and Kandi e-Bikes.

Our Story: From SC Autosports Acquisition to Nationwide EVolution

Kandi has been committed to designing and producing electric off-road recreational vehicles along with other innovative products. The company acquired SC Autosports in 2018 to be its exclusive U.S. distributor.

Throughout the years, Kandi Technologies has made a name for itself in the electric off-road recreational vehicle manufacturing, and its subsidiaries are known as specialists in making batteries and parts for electric vehicles.

Now, with its U.S operations launching in 2018, Kandi is well positioned to design and distribute its vehicles through dealer partners and retailers throughout Canada and the U.S so consumers who want environmentally conscious transportation have access to affordable options, along with service and support from their local dealership.

Our Mission

We strive to make eco-friendly transportation accessible and affordable through our innovative electric off-road recreational vehicles. With its launch of its electric personal transportation models, Kandi is beginning a revolution – or rather an Auto EV-olution – for all. Our commitment to a greener future is evident in every product we produce. We are not just manufacturing vehicles; we are creating a sustainable vision for the future, combining innovative design with environmental responsibility.

Join the Kandi Canada Community

Be a part of the Kandi Canada story. Embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle with our Kandi Golf Cart, tackle demanding tasks with a Kandi UTV, or have some fun with our Kandi e-bikes. Join a community that values innovation, affordability, and sustainability.

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