The 3 Best Electric Golf Carts on the Market

Besides their obvious uses on the golf course, electric golf carts have become essential transport vehicles for diverse commercial applications. These inexpensive, economical vehicles quickly and easily move people and things over distances, saving time and helping those who need mobility assistance.

Electric golf carts are excellent vehicles for large apartment complexes, major events, sprawling construction sites, and travel and tourism destinations. But when choosing a golf cart, how do you select the best electric golf cart with all the features and capabilities you need? You’re in luck because we’ve done some footwork for you.

Top Picks for Electric Golf Carts

We looked for special features, looks, capabilities, and technical excellence to choose the three best electric golf carts on the market, and Kandi electric golf carts repeatedly came out on top. Read on for more information.

The Kandi Kruiser 2P

This two-seat electric golf cart is sleek and modern, with all the features and functionality to take you where you need to go, even over rough terrain. It comes configured with mirrors, reflectors, front and rear lights, and a fold-down windscreen, so it’s street-ready where allowable (check local regulations).


The Kandi Kruiser looks great, but it’s what’s inside that makes all the difference.

  • Absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries
  • 48V – 6 batteries of 8V each
  • Charging time 6.5 hours at 120V
  • Maximum speed 20 MPH golf cart/25 MPH LSV

Things We Liked

  • Great MSRP of $10,999, LSV $11,999
  • Nice looking design
  • A generous back platform for a large payload
  • Road-worthy features that eliminate retrofitting
  • Multiple colors available – blue, black, red, silver, matte black, and white

Things That Could Be Better

  • Cup holders are a little small

Kandi Kruiser 4P

The Kandi Kruiser 4P is a great choice when you want to carry four people. It features four comfortable seats with seat belts and a handy safety bar for back-facing passengers. In most locations, the features on this handsome golf cart make it street-worthy but check local regulations for specifics.


You can go about 40 miles on a single charge with the Kandi Kruiser 4P. That’s enough to get you around the complex or event with no problem.

  • Absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries
  • 48V – 6 batteries of 8V each
  • Charging time 6.5 hours at 120V
  • Maximum speed 20 MPH golf cart/25 MPH LSV

Things We Liked

  • Same price as the 2P at an MSRP of $10,999, LSV $11,999
  • Standard aluminum wheels
  • 2 USB ports in the dashboard display
  • Cooler or storage space located under the back seats
  • Multiple colors available – blue, black, red, silver, matte black, and white

Things That Could Be Better

  • The front storage is shallow, with no lip to keep items from sliding out
  • The cooler below the back seat takes up storage space

Kandi Kruiser 6P

One of the great things about Kandi golf carts is that they have a size for everyone. If you need to carry up to six people across an event, an airport, or an industrial complex, the Kruiser 6P is a great choice. It has plenty of features – lights, seat belts, mirrors, reflectors, windscreen, and a full canopy – to ensure a safe, comfortable ride for your passengers.


With the Kandi Kruiser 6P, you have the power and endurance to get where you need to go. Kandi has built-in state-of-the-art batteries, 5,000 watts of power, and electric power steering to make these golf carts a joy to drive.

  • Absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries
  • 48V – 6 batteries of 8V each
  • Charging time 6.5 hours at 120V
  • Maximum speed 20 MPH golf cart/25 MPH LSV

Things We Liked

  • Great price at $12,499, LSV $13,499
  • Smooth MacPherson strut suspension
  • 12-month limited warranty
  • Generous legroom for the second row
  • LED headlights and bonus spotlight

Things That Could Be Better

  • On the heavier side, at 1,697 lbs

Buying Guide: How To Choose the Best Electric Golf Cart

With all the market choices, choosing the golf cart that will best suit your needs can be challenging. Here is some information to help make your job a little easier.


Golf carts use three main types of batteries:

  • Lead-acid – These are the most common and least costly golf cart batteries, but they have a short lifespan, are heavier than other choices, and require regular maintenance.
  • AGM – Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are a sealed, lower-maintenance version of a lead acid battery.
  • Lithium-ion – lithium batteries are lighter, last longer, and cost less than other batteries but often require electrical system upgrades.


Look for thick, durable tires so they aren’t easily damaged. Deep tread gives you traction for off-road trips and won’t damage turf. When the tires have a high profile, you don’t have to install a lift kit to navigate uneven terrain.

Features and Accessories

When thinking about your golf cart’s features and accessories, think of how you’ll use it. Do you need extra storage space? A place for the driver and passengers to place cell phones and drinks? Do you plan to use it on the street? If so, check your local area, but typically golf carts need headlights and taillights, seatbelts, turn signals, mirrors, and a windshield to be street-legal.

If your golf cart doesn’t have all the features and accessories you’d like, you can order aftermarket products online.


Most new golf carts come with a warranty. These are similar to an automobile warranty and cover parts and repairs if something goes wrong with your vehicle. You set up the warranty when you purchase the golf cart and file a claim if you have an issue. Warranties typically don’t cover accidents, misuse, or aftermarket accessories.


New electric golf carts come at different price points. As with an automobile, there is a trade-off between features and cost. A stripped-down model might cost you $9,000, but with all the bells and whistles, you might pay $20,000. Used golf carts come at a lower cost, but have a professional check them out before buying.


You may have questions not answered in the article above, so we’ve gathered a few of the most frequently asked questions about electric golf carts.

Why does my electric golf cart go slow uphill?

There could be several reasons your electric golf cart struggles on hills. Here are a few to consider. Remember that frequent maintenance can keep your electric golf cart performing well on flat surfaces and hills.

  • Aging batteries – Your batteries may be getting old and not keeping a charge as well as they used to.
  • Poorly maintained batteries – Have you added water to your (unsealed) batteries lately? Are the terminals corroded?
  • Tire size – If you have oversized tires on your electric golf cart, it is more challenging to tackle hills.
  • Malfunctioning speed sensor – If your speed sensor is damaged, the speed controller may receive inaccurate information and limit your speed.
  • Damaged wires – Over time, electric golf cart wires can degrade.

Should I leave my electric golf cart plugged in all the time?

From a user standpoint, leaving your electric golf cart plugged in ensures it’s ready when needed. In some cases, constant charging can also help extend the batteries’ lives. However, different manufacturers recommend different treatment for the batteries in their carts. Check the user manual for your golf cart, or contact the manufacturer.

How long will an electric golf cart run on a charge?

You can expect 45 to 90 minutes of constant use from your electric golf cart. The condition of your batteries, whether the batteries are charged fully, and other factors may affect performance.

Can I add accessories to my golf cart?

Yes. A quick search on Amazon shows a multitude of accessories. Here are a few:

  • Phone mount
  • Weather enclosure
  • Portable speaker
  • Fans
  • Mirrors
  • Heaters
  • Floor mats

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Electric Golf Cart

When looking for the best electric golf cart on the market, first determine how you’ll use it. Decide how many seats you need and whether you’ll use it on the streets, golf course, or rough terrain. This information will help determine the best model for you.

Kandi premium golf carts are the best electric golf carts available. These versatile carts feature a comfortable ride, sleek styling, a rich feature package, a full-cover canopy, state-of-the-art AGM batteries, and a rugged suspension. The best part is that you get all this for a low sticker price.



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